ezMap Builder™

Intelligent, Next Generation CAD

Easily Create Location-Centric Data

ezMap Builder™ is one of the industry's most advanced authoring environments for creating location-centric data to assist counties with their 911 response. Using ezMap Builder, personnel can design and author fully interactive content, rich with occupant details, location descriptions, with the most up-to-date information for current and specific content.

Benefits at a Glance

Full content control

Build once

Deliver anywhere

Update effortlessly

Create vital details

New options

Get Full Content Control

Urgency means accuracy is essential. ezMap Builder provides full control that maximizes the ability to update and append information, resulting in a mapping system that is accessible and as current as you need it to be. Integrated with real-time GPS and a "live" map display depicting the location of the data collection vehicle as it navigates throughout the collection area, gives your technician all the necessary information to accurately and effectively update GIS features "on-the-fly" while in the field.

Build Once, Deliver Anywhere, Update Effortlessly

Allow access through ezMap Viewer, and watch fire, rescue, ambulances, even police stations and local government offices become faster and more efficient. ezMap Builder 's built in data screens ensure that the field technician captures the necessary information at each site every time. Because ezMap Builder has built-in quality control, manual errors detected on input can be resolved long before the data is brought into the master data set, reducing the need for future editing.

Create Vital Details

ezMap Builder’s flexibility let’s you include as much information as you can provide, including photographs, special needs at that location, and more. ezMap Builder uses ESRI shape files and is fully compatible with most government agencies.

Take Mapping Where it has Never Gone Before

Take advantage of the easiest way to create and maintain your county's maps available today. There's no extensive training necessary, and almost anyone can use the software. Fully integrated with GPS technology, ezMap Builder takes your mapping efforts to a whole new level.

The Map Database

The foundation of any 9-1-1 system starts with your mapping database and the first step in creating the database starts with address collection and field verification. You begin by simply driving the roads within your County and the addresses are automatically collected with a Latitude/Longitude point. Your data layers will include street centerlines, address points and addressed structures, jurisdictional boundaries (city, county, police beats, response zones), emergency services number zones (ESN boundaries), fire hydrants, intersections, points of interest and reference data, cell towers, water sources (rivers, lakes), railroad crossings, and mile markers – basically any data that you need to capture.

Save Money with ezMap Builder

Many products on the market today are time consuming and not user-friendly, but ezMap Builder can be learned quickly and onsite, saving your agency thousands of dollars in travel and training.