ezDispatcher is powered by Westtel's Next-Gen 911

Fully Integrated

At the interface level, our Call handling solution has been designed and rigorously tested to simplify the emergency dispatcher’s workspace while simultaneously augmenting the tools that aid their critical decision-making. The Solution reallocates invaluable seconds typically spent managing hard- and software inefficiency issues to making life-saving decisions and intelligently deploying emergency resources.


The WestTel Call Handling solution meets the needs of today’s dispatchers and emergency response specialists effectively and efficiently. Our solution is reliably up-to-date — WestTel monitors and is engaged with key NextGen 911 interoperability groups — and agilely incorporates technologies as they become available. Whether it is the delivery and intelligent use of multimedia information, optimizing ANI and ALI information to assure precise and timely responses, or making tools such as TTD/TTY more familiar and user friendly, the WestTel Solution is able both to address the needs of today and anticipate the demands of tomorrow.


The WestTel Call Handling Solution utilizes built-in redundancy, all-encompassing remote monitoring and service, inherently scalable design, and expertise within the Voice over IP model to ensure unflagging dependability. The WestTel Call Handling Solution is unencumbered by the requirements associated with legacy transitioning, and was designed and constructed with evolving NENA standards and i3 in mind. Our 360° Support Program is uniquely geared for continual adaptation in a fluid and progress-minded industry. WestTel International’s 911 Call Handling Solution combines state-of-the-art technology with integrated simplicity and ease-of-use; constant and responsive monitoring with institutional independence; and timely upgrades with stable cost. WestTel is the obvious and most efficacious choice for institutions and professionals engaged in public safety, a field that is always advancing.