Public safety agencies need systems they can count on to get the right resources to the right place quickly and safely. At ez911, our reliable and innovative software streamlines this process and reduces the complexity of agency-wide communication, allowing you to exchange data efficiently and respond quickly.

ez911 started as a dispatch map services company, so we originally created this software for our own internal our it had to be easy!

ez911 helps public safety agencies use intelligent technology to dispatch emergency resources and share important information with first responders. Whether your agency wants to improve and maintain your own map database, or you just want your map database maintained for you, call ez911...

...and take the ezRoute!


Intelligent, Next Generation CAD

When Communication is Critical

Do you need to text the Police Chief, page EMS, or send a fax to the fire department…all at the same time? Maybe you need to send a mass email invitation for a County meeting or a warning to schools about an approaching severe storm. With ezCommunicator™, this only takes a few simple mouse clicks.

ezCommunicator, a Next Gen 911 product, runs on a server and does not require your dispatch stations or operators to have an Internet connection unless you want them to have one. As the name implies, ezCommunicator understands, routes, or generates a page, email, text message, or fax, automatically and easily, including various combinations.

ezCommunicator will automatically send a text to the responding officer with the location and information straight to his cell phone. Upon closing the call ezCommunicator can text or email all the call times and call notes to the officer. And faxing is a finally a breeze with ezCommunicator. When closing the call, the run card may be automatically faxed to the appropriate agency eliminating several steps in the process and saving your valuable time.

ezCommunicator is the industry’s choice for a standalone, two-way integrated e-mail, texting, paging, and faxing solution.

Benefits at a Glance

Next Gen 9-1-1 Ready

No Internet Required at the dispatcher’s console

Automatically generate email, text messages, pager alerts and more

Easy to use and customize