ez911, Inc. was formed in 2005 with a vision to provide small to mid sized dispatch agencies and PSAPs with simple to use, high quality yet affordable mapping, addressing and database services, and the tools necessary to prepare for Enhanced 9–1–1 service. 

Since our formation, ez911, Inc. has evolved its portfolio to include Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), desktop Mapped ALI, Mobile Data and web enabled CAD extensions all paired with relentless support. 

We now offer a competitive NG9–1–1 solution integrated with our CAD and Mapping products. 

We continue to innovate for the rural market and are now developing a Cloud offering that will further assist our target market. We routinely seek input from industry leaders, current and prospective customers to build technology that will provide agencies the tools to break the perpetual forklift upgrade cycle and operate in simple yet effective ways. We understand the frustration that Call Takers, Dispatchers, and PSAP Management experience with using dated legacy systems or even modern systems that utilize outdated user capabilities and overly complex interfaces. 

As we move forward with our Hybrid–cloud initiatives, the transformation from client server–centric to a more simplistic dispatch and location–centric 9–1–1 view, will allow a revolutionary unified offer from ez911 to clearly stand out above the competition.


Our vision is provided by Craig Dollar and a staff of industry veterans who share his passion. This staff has extensive expertise in rural address and database development, mapping and Computer Aided Dispatch, as well as 9–1–1. 

Many of ez911’s staff have worked in the public safety community, either as corporate leaders, technologist, dispatchers, EMT’s, firefighters or police officers. We understand the need to have a system that is reliable and easy to use. With ez911, you can count on real–world functionality with simplicity at the heart of the design and usability.

Moving forward, our relentless pursuit of offering simple, effective, and affordable solutions for the Public Safety Dispatch environment propels the ongoing effort. Supporting Craig’s efforts is a very experienced management team with hundreds of years of collective experience in all facets of the dispatch desktop.

We start by Listening

Our customers are on the front line, which means we take our responsibility to serve them seriously. 

We understand firsthand the challenges Agencies, Call Takers, and Dispatchers face on a daily basis and the problems that prevent them from being their best. 

Technology and innovation are at the heart of how we help customers. At ez911, we constantly question the traditional methods of Emergency Response Dispatching in an attempt to help our customers obtain better results. We are passionate about improving and are committed to constantly innovating for our customers, not just developing capability for the sake of an RFP response.