The ez911 Enterprise Suite of products represent a comprehensive, multi agency, multi-jurisdictional solution suite that allows call takers and dispatchers to easily capture and respond to critical incident information while assisting first responders and their supporting agencies in real time, helping manage emergencies as a team and as events happen.

The Enterprise Suite consists of CAD, Mapping, MobileCAD, CADViewer, CADAnywhere and MapBuilder. With ezEnterpriseCAD and its powerful line of integrated products, communications professionals have the ability to perform multiple, integrated tasks with one high-performance system. Backed by 16 years of development, ez911 continues to meet the demanding needs of PSAPs, law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services, and other public safety professionals. Like every component of the ez911 Solution Suite, our CAD system was developed to be easy to use and easy to learn. In fact, the best way to learn any aspect of the ezEnterprise Suite is to just use it. Many users learn the basics of CAD in a matter of minutes. It’s that EZ.

ez911 Enterprise Platform for Public Safety

At ez911, we believe that every emergency dispatch agency and PSAP, regardless of size or budget, should expect more from their technology provider. Since 2005, our mission has been to reduce emergency response technology complexity and cost, focusing solely on the features and functionality that matters most. By simply addressing each product, whether its building and editing maps, addressing counties for 9-1-1 service, or creating easy to use CAD and Mapping capabilities. By eliminating feature creep and bloat-of-legacy systems, we strive to create and offer simple, yet incredibly efficient and cost-effective solutions.

We are continuing that journey. Stay tuned for advances!


ezEnterprise CAD™

Is an innovative multi-user, multi-agency Computer Aided Dispatch solution for small to mid-size PSAPs, Police, Fire and EMS agencies. Developed on Microsoft® .NET and SQL Server technology, ez911 provides configurations built on a Stratus Fault Tolerant Platform or a redundant DELL configuration. ezEnterprise CAD simplifies both emergency response record keeping and the reporting process. Simple. Redundant. Secure.

ez911’s Next Generation

The 9-1-1 solution provides PSAPs and Emergency Communication Centers with advanced management tools, operations support, and reliable technology. Our VoIP-based PBX provides a fully functional Next Generation 9-1-1 compliant system. It includes an IP-based VoIP touch screen telephone at each position allowing the user to interact with each or both during every call.

ezDispatch Radio Console

ezDispatch delivers a proven, reliable software-based dispatch solution that allows up to eight radio channels on fixed or mobile consoles and integrates easily with leading radio backbone technologies.

  • Direct Analog and Digital Interface
  • Compatible with Modern LMR Backbones
  • Configurable for combinations of Telephone and Radio

ezEnterprise Mapping™

The ezEnterprise Mapping display is integrated with our intuitive CAD application or as a stand alone Mapped ALI integrated with any 3rd Party CAD or NG9-1-1 system. Easy to implement and designed to meet the requirements of critical emergency response GIS and includes addressing, mapping, editing, with a geographic data desktop display to provide a faster and accurate emergency response. The MapBuilder and Editor add-ons complete the GIS suite for Public Safety.

ezMobile CAD™

Our answer to “Silent Dispatching”. This is the perfect addition to ezEnterprise CAD in the Dispatch Center. With the addition of our new ezMobile CAD, dispatchers and officers in the field can share information on a live call.

With ezMobile CAD the user can:

  • Silently dispatch first responders
  • Allows officers to work the call from the field
  • Share and edit information simultaneously